Political Demands

With our paper “Visions for Startups in Austria”, we are suggesting five main key aspects we see as necessary to turn Austria into an innovation-driven economy of the 21st century by leveraging todays main catalyst of innovation and growth: startups.
If we do not develop the right ecosystem in Austria to be a “magnet” for (very mobile) talents and startups, the consequence is that the existing ones leave to countries with better suited conditions or their ambitions.

Our ambition with this project is first to let politicians know what startups need. Second to raise awareness for startups in this country, in order to highlight their importance and to emphasize on what lasting impact startups could have in Austria, if they are provided with the best conditions needed for a vibrant ecosystem (venture capital, taxes, subsidies, social insurance, regulations, etc).

Download Executive Summary (PDF, 1 MB) – Full Version (PDF, 2MB)