Local Representatives

AustrianStartups is represented in each Austrian province.
Where ever you are in Austria - These people are happy to help you.

Our goal is to strengthen the startup community all over Austria. This is why we created a network of Local Representatives to support the local communities and connect the startup folks around Austria. You want to meet like minded people near you or work on interesting projects together?
Find the right person to talk to below.
This is the HQ of AustrianStartups! Vienna is the city where everything comes together and where the magic happens.

Impact Hub, Lindengasse 56, 1070 Vienna

Burgenland Representative

Michael Sedlak

Michael is working at the FTI (Forschung, Technologie, Innovation) Burgenland and supports entrepreneurs in Burgenland to launch their idea and companies.

Upper Austria Representative

Anita Raffetseder
Upper Austria
akostart oö
akostart oö is Austria's first inter-university network for academic start-ups and spin-offs.

Salzburg Representative

Sophie Bolzer

Sophie is the founder of Audvice - a crowd-based edutech startup focusing on audio learning.

Tyrol Representative

Benjamin Stainer

Benjamin is working for international holding, a private public partnership with focus on regional development and is involved in communal politics. He supports startups and the ecosystem in Tyrol.

Vorarlberg Representative

Magdalena Meusburger & Thomas Metzler
Magdalena & Thomas are co-founders of startupstube. They are experienced entrepreneurs, lecturers in the field of innovation and have a passion for turning ideas into action.

Lower Austria Representative

Hannes Baumgartner
Lower Austria

Hannes is running a remote software company and helps out lower austrian startups wherever possible.

Carinthia Representative

Alexander Mann

Alexander has his own company, ConTrade that helps companies from mostly CEE countries, with its know-how, network and partners, to break into new markets.

Styria Representative

Werner Sammer
Ideen Triebwerk Graz
Ideen Triebwerk Graz is an organization open to all students and interested to support creative ideas. It's mission is to connect startups in Graz.