If you are looking for investors in Austria, you can try one of the organizations below.

We suggest you to do your homework and check their websites to see under which circumstances each organization invests or what they expect. Unless one organization specifically asks for a different format or way to contact them, we STRONGLY advise you to initially reach out with:

A SHORT and clear description of what you do, why you believe it is going to be “awesome” (or has a big potential), any existing indicators of proof that your Start-up is on the path to awesomeness (a.k.a. traction), and what you are looking for.

IF they are initially interested, you can still later on send a slide-deck and/or ask for a meeting. Keep in mind that no one likes being “spammed” with a 50-page business plan or to read an e-mail of 10 paragraphs till they kind of “get” what you do.








Series A / Growth







For an extensive overview of all organizations that invest in Austria, you can also check AustrianStartup’s Startup Map (select investors) or the website of the Austrian Private Equity and Venture Capital Organization (which also includes private equity investors who do not necessarily provide venture capital). This list is not completed yet. So in case we have missed something please let us know here.


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