We aggregate resources: that’s what we do best.

We do this to support young entrepreneurs with great ideas and the vision to change the world. Our services are for you, for everyone who wants to build meaningful products and support the startup community in Austria.


  • Stammtisch
    Meet the who-is-who of the Austrian startups community and mingle with fellow entrepreneurs, investors and media representatives.

  • Startup Rolemodels
    Runtastic, Shpock, mySugr– Austria has developed a blossoming startup scene and generated some pretty impressive companies. Together with Whatchado we give our Austrian startup role models a platform to showcase their success stories.

  • Newsletter
    Join the most important startup newsletter in Austria and never miss any startup news again and get all relevant updates. Looking for relevant startup events? Don’t look any further – we’ve got you covered as well!

  • Local Representatives
    Our goal is to strengthen the startup community all over Austria. This is why we created a network of Local Representatives to support the local communities and connect the startup folks around Austria. Don’t hesitate to contact them directly and let them know if you need support.

  • Political Work
    Our ambition with this project is first to let politicians know what startups in Austria need. Second to raise awareness for startups in this country in order to highlight their importance and to emphasize on what lasting impact startups have in Austria.

  • Ecosystem
    We are providing an overview of the Austrian startup landscape – hang around and get all information you need about startups, co-working places, investors and others.

  • Grants
    There is great support from the Austrian government for startups through public grants. But you have no idea which funding is the right one for your startup? We got the answers – check out our Austrian-wide overview of all grants.

  • Investments
    We created a listing of all investors in Austria of all different kind of stages. No matter if you are looking for VCs, Crowdfunding or Pre-Seed money, we are sure you’ll find your way with our extensive list.

  • Social Entrepreneurship
    Are you fascinated by sustainable business solutions and want to meet societal challenges with your business? You should check out the Impact Hub Vienna.

  • Students
    Today’s students are the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. If you are a student and interested in entrepreneurship, check out ECN to connect and learn with other like minded students.