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Free Legal Advice by Herbst Kinsky

Protect idea? Legal form? Labor law? Employee participation? Data protection?

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  • 1-2 hour in-person meeting
  • help clarify questions relevant for your startup


If you are an AustrianStartups Member, the legal experts of Herbst Kinsky will support you with free legal advice. You can set up a one to two hour meeting with them in which they will walk you through general questions regarding the following legal issues (as relevant for your startup):

  • learn how to protect your idea;
  • choose the right legal form for your startup;
  • find out about labor law issues you need to consider when you hire someone;
  • get an overview of how employee participation works;
  • evaluate data protection issues and the need for general terms and conditions

Herbst Kinsky Rechtsanwälte

Work with Herbst Kinsky, one of Austria’s top law firms with its dedicated Startup programs. Whether you want to set up a GmbH or are already about to kick-off your global product launch, Herbst Kinsky has your back. Check out this Startup Package offer and learn more.


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