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Easy Accounting Automation by DOMONDA

Accounting & Payment automation for collaboration with existing tax advisor

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  • Ideal for early stage startups and beyond
  • Easy online receipt management and payments
  • Fixed monthly payments


Keeping track of all receipts, managing and storing those (for the next seven years) takes time. Time better spent working on your (new) business. DOMONDA offers you a great tool to not only manage the receipts but also to check if they are already paid.

DOMONDA is your financial cockpit. It stores your receipts (customers and vendors), checks your bank for payments, connects them to the receipts, and offers you the possibility to issue payments directly to your bank (so you do not have to type all this data fields into your online banking).

It is the ideal solution for stage startups and it scales with you!

Looking for more? Check out DOMONDA’s Full Tax Accounting service offer for €1,490.00 😉




Offer applies to service for 1 year. The price might vary depending on your startup’s individual needs, e.g. expansion of services.


DOMONDA offers smart financial processes for startups and SMEs. We automate bookkeeping and payments and ensure a smooth collaboration with the tax advisor of your choice. DOMONDA helps you scale your business by offering a real-time financial information system that let's you always stay on top of your business. Never search for invoices or transactions again! Never worry again about being on time with tax preparations! We got u covered!


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