Das Regierungsprogramm 2020 aus der Startup Perspektive

January 3, 2020
Gestern wurde das Programm der neuen Bundesregierung vorgestellt - wir haben uns angeschaut, wieviel AustrianStartups drin steckt.
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A message from our new CXO

October 25, 2019
Our new CXO Hannah Wundsam shares how she fell in love with entrepreneurship and lines out her visions for the future of AustrianStartups.
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Farewell Vlad & Welcome Katharina

May 28, 2019
Personal messages from the beginnings & the future of AustrianStartups.
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Differing regulations and what to learn from N26

November 13, 2018
Regulations dictate the rules in which businesses have to work within - example N26
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Key challenges to going abroad – Internationalisation of startups

September 13, 2018
Internationalisation requires a combination of trial and error as well as an international strategy. Whatever happens, startups must choose their markets carefully and plan ahead. How to? Find out...
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Let’s talk about strategy, baby!

March 29, 2018
Well, that’s what our AustrianStartups Team thought. So, we went on a strategy retreat to Innsbruck to discuss our next chapter.
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The Future of AustrianStartups

March 20, 2018
Why we want Entrepreneurship to be as common as Skiing in Austria. And how we get there in the next chapter of AustrianStartups.
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A message from the new Managing Director

January 18, 2017
Our new managing director Markus Raunig writes about the past and future of AustrianStartups.
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Change ahead at AustrianStartups

October 14, 2016
AustrianStartups has grown over the years from a grass roots movement to a respected player in the ecosystem to act as neutral platform and first-stop-shop. There are big things ahead and great plans already made.
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As time goes by….

April 14, 2015
... more and more people are joining our team in order to help shaping the Austrian startup ecosystem. We now proudly want to introduce them to you! :)
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