Stammtisch #61: Bootstrapping

September 11, 2018
Stammtisch #61 was all about Bootstrapping. We tell you all about the insights we took away from it.
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Stammtisch #58: Private Investors

June 22, 2018
This is the first article of our #investmentseries. Anyone who has thought of creating their own business will stumble upon one major obstacle: funding. One option for getting external financing on board is in the form of private investment.
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Stammtisch #57: How startups can change the world for the better

April 24, 2018
Last month's Stammtisch was all about having an impact and how startups can change the world for the better.
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Stammtisch #56: How to build a kickass founding team

April 8, 2018
Are there specific indicators you should look for in potential co-founders? That – and much more – was discussed at Stammtisch #56.
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Let’s talk about strategy, baby!

March 29, 2018
Well, that’s what our AustrianStartups Team thought. So, we went on a strategy retreat to Innsbruck to discuss our next chapter.
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The Future of AustrianStartups

March 20, 2018
Why we want Entrepreneurship to be as common as Skiing in Austria. And how we get there in the next chapter of AustrianStartups.
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Stammtisch #55: Age is just a number

March 13, 2018
February's Stammtisch #55 was all about age and entrepreneurial success.
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Stammtisch #52: How (not) to start a startup

November 27, 2017
November's Stammtisch #52 was all about mistakes and how to avoid them.
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Stammtisch #51: How to find, win, keep, and grow your customers

October 25, 2017
Daniel Cronin begrüßt die Gäste
This month’s Stammtisch was all about customers. Finding them, keeping them and loving them.
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Stammtisch #50: How far We’ve Come and What’s to Come in the Future

September 29, 2017
This month’s Stammtisch #50 was all about celebrating the past and thinking of the future.
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