Stammtisch #52: How (not) to start a startup

November 27, 2017
November's Stammtisch #52 was all about mistakes and how to avoid them.
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Stammtisch #51: How to find, win, keep, and grow your customers

October 25, 2017
Daniel Cronin begrüßt die Gäste
This month’s Stammtisch was all about customers. Finding them, keeping them and loving them.
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Stammtisch #50: How far We’ve Come and What’s to Come in the Future

September 29, 2017
This month’s Stammtisch #50 was all about celebrating the past and thinking of the future.
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Introducing Vertical Uncovered

September 20, 2017
The First Installment of our new Event Series in Cooperation With AAIA was all About health-related Startups.
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Stammtisch #49: From bro culture to “Fake it ‘till you make it”

August 24, 2017
This month's Stammtisch #49 was all about ethics in startups. Read what our awesome panel discussed.
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“We need to do more to court international startups”

August 7, 2017
Our Managing Director Markus Raunig was interviewed in last month's issue of "profil". He talked about the Viennese startup scene and our upcoming projects. Read the English translation here.
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Stammtisch #48: How to navigate the corporate world as a startup

July 27, 2017
July’s Stammtisch #48 was all about the relationship between corporates and startups. So here’s a quick rundown of what you should consider when entering a partnership.
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Stammtisch #46: How to find the RIGHT investor

May 19, 2017
The right, the wrong, and why you shouldn’t jump at investors saying ‘I LIKE YOU!’ right away.
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Stammtisch #45: CTO? Translation is more important than code.

May 16, 2017
The trials and tribulations of that ever-illusive Tech… ‘Where to get your tech?’ or as many consider, ‘How far can you take your business idea without a technical team member?’
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Why we have to set some records straight

April 12, 2017
In his quarterly review, our managing director Markus Raunig reflects on the image of startups in the broad public and points out some apparent misunderstandings.
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