Stammtisch #76 Embracing Failure

November 26, 2019
Stammtisch #76 was about Embracing Failure. Melanie Ruff, Michael Altrichter, Sebastian Jagsch and Dejan Stojanovic shared their tough stories and stressed the importance of creating an open culture concerning discussions around failures.
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Argentina’s Surprising Startup Ecosystem

November 18, 2019
AustrianStartups volunteer Philipp Schardax was in Argentina for two months and gives us a first-hand report about the flourishing local ecosystem.
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A message from our new CXO

October 25, 2019
Our new CXO Hannah Wundsam shares how she fell in love with entrepreneurship and lines out her visions for the future of AustrianStartups.
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Farewell Vlad & Welcome Katharina

May 28, 2019
Personal messages from the beginnings & the future of AustrianStartups.
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Israel – The Startup Nation

December 29, 2018
In this series, Katja Septimus (Bratrschovsky) sets out for a journey to one of the world's most famous Innovation Ecosystem: Israel. The respective report is not academic in nature and do not claim completeness. Rather as introductory overview it presents some of the respective highlights and intend to spark further interest.
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Austria as International Startup Hub: 79 Experts discussing the current status of the Ecosystem

December 8, 2018
Key insights into our Roundtable events in 2018.
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Our first Growth Stage Breakfast

November 27, 2018
Two weeks ago we had our first ever Growth Stage Startup Breakfast, where we invited startups to join and talk about OKRs (Objective and Key Results) and how they implement it. Which tools they use, and how to track the development. Find out! We share the outcome and give you some useful tools.
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Differing regulations and what to learn from N26

November 13, 2018
Regulations dictate the rules in which businesses have to work within - example N26
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Stammtisch #63: Hiring Internationally

For Stammtisch #63 we discussed hiring internationally – a topic that has many different perspectives that need to be considered and a topic, that plays an important role for startups from the beginning. We welcomed Sead Ahmetovic from WeAreDevelopers, Felix Häusler from Grape, Anna Iarotska from Robo Wunderkind and Christoph Bitzner from TheVentury.
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Key challenges to going abroad – Internationalisation of startups

September 13, 2018
Internationalisation requires a combination of trial and error as well as an international strategy. Whatever happens, startups must choose their markets carefully and plan ahead. How to? Find out...
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