About Us

AustrianStartups is a neutral, independent and non-profit platform of, by, and for the Austrian startup community to increase its visibility and strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem. It is an open place for all startups, stakeholders, and interested persons, who are all encouraged to launch joint initiatives with us. We invite you to come and work with us to develop Austria into a startup hub. Get in contact with us now – We appreciate feedback.

Why we do it

The people behind AustrianStartups believe that there is great potential for startups in Austria. They volunteer for AustrianStartups because they want to give back to our ecosystem. Our goal is to become the voice of all Austrian startups and build strong partnerships with other startup hubs around the globe, especially with the CEE region. Vienna is not only a beautiful city but also smart and future-oriented. We aim to help shaping the vision for startups in Austria and transform Vienna into a city for entrepreneurs, startup founders, creative minds and visionaries.


What we do

Everything we do is to foster the Austrian startup community. We realized that there is a common interest in Austria, but no driving force to connect the dots. We aim to create one independent platform and brand to:


  • „Connect the dots“
    There is great potential for startups in Austria but no leading hand who connects the creative minds & doers. AustrianStartups aims to do exactly this.

  • Aggregate information and activities of the ecosystem
    There is information out there but people don’t know how to find it. We want to bring available resources together and make it accessible for startup folks.

  • Increase visibility
    Austria aims to become the first point of contact for startups who want to expand to Europe. We focus on strengthen the startup ecosystem in Austria to become an important startup hub in Europe.

  • Help leveraging initiatives
    There are some great initiatives for startups in Austria. We want to help improve the situation for founders and make existing opportunities even better.

  • Become „first-stop shop“ and marketing channel for the ecosystem
    We aim to become Austria’s voice in terms of startups. We want to raise awareness about the importance of innovative companies and be the first point of contact for the press.


AustrianStartups ist eine sehr wichtige Institution für Jungunternehmer. Mein Unternehmen wäre ohne das AS Team nie so erfolgreich gewesen.

Philip Ehrenfellner
INTERNETKULTUR Development & Design