Why we have to set some records straight

April 12, 2017
In his quarterly review, our managing director Markus Raunig reflects on the image of startups in the broad public and points out some apparent misunderstandings.
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A message from the new Managing Director

January 18, 2017
Our new managing director Markus Raunig writes about the past and future of AustrianStartups.
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Change ahead at AustrianStartups

October 14, 2016
AustrianStartups has grown over the years from a grass roots movement to a respected player in the ecosystem to act as neutral platform and first-stop-shop. There are big things ahead and great plans already made.
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As time goes by….

April 14, 2015
... more and more people are joining our team in order to help shaping the Austrian startup ecosystem. We now proudly want to introduce them to you! :)
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A story about AustrianStartups rebranding

October 28, 2014
Our logo has become known all over Austria but in the last couple of months we learned the similarities with another brand were too big. Time for change has come. After many brainstormings, focus groups, nights with Redbull and many without, we finally got it. The new AustrianStartups logo.
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Announcing Advisory Board and 2 Networking Partners

June 18, 2014
Here's something: AustrianStartups has now officially an advisory board on it's side and, not enough, even 2 networking partners! Check out who those persons are; you might recognize some faces ;)
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Join the AustrianStartups team

May 21, 2014
AustrianStartups started as a small idea with great ambitions two years ago and has become the go-to independent and non-profit platform for the entire Austrian startup community. It is a neutral initiative by, for and of the Austrian startup community and has a simple mission: to promote and support startups in Austria.
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Raffle for Kod.io Developer Conference in Linz

April 17, 2014
Kod.io will mostly cover programming languages like Python, Ruby and JavaScript (and their web and mobile frameworks). We’re counting on 300+ attendees, interested in the bleeding edge of technology.
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This was Kod.io in Linz 2014

March 6, 2014
The developer conference Kod.io took place at the Ars Electronica Center in Linz on March 1st and was an awesome mash-up of code ninjas, dev junkies and coffeeholics. A day full of various talks from modern JS platforms to optimizationm HTML and yes – even quadcopters – made this conference an extraordinary place for like-minded people with a passion for code.
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A summary of “Visions for Startups in Austria”

November 27, 2013
With our paper “Visions for Startups in Austria”, we are suggesting five main key aspects we see as necessary to turn Austria into an innovation-driven economy of the 21st century by leveraging todays main catalyst of innovation and growth: startups.
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